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Yivi's Weblog


My name is Iván Yivoff, and if you really, really, really need to contact me, just put together "ivan" and "yivoff.com".

I remember when Perl was the way to get this done, when DHTML and Flash were a thing, when magazines came with "Multimedia CDs" (and actually had to put together a couple of those), when you had to save money to buy a X2 SCSI CD burner, and then you had to fiddle with IRQ jumpers to make it work most of the time.

I remember studying Turbo Pascal from a printed book that you went and bought in a physical store. You chose from the books they had, which weren't that many.

I remember Zak McKracken fondly, and waiting to buy an AT computer.

I'm not old. I'm well used.

I should be out riding my bike, or walking uphill. If I'm not, blame the computers.

The cat waits to be fed